New Here


  1. When does the service start?
  2. Our main service begins at 10:30 am on Sundays, and when you arrive, you will be greeted by some very friendly people at the door who can help you find a seat.
  3. What is the music about?
  4. In our main meeting area, you will hear dynamic music with a live band and singers leading us into a time of praise and worship as we sing songs that centre around who God is and what He means to our lives.
  5. What’s available for my kids?
  6. At the same time as our main service, we have nursery, preschool, and elementary programs running.  Our children’s leaders are annually trained in an abuse prevention program so you can be assured that your children are safe when they attend one of our programs. First time registration is required.
  7. What does the pastor talk about?
  8. Every week, you will hear a message on a topic that is relevant, practical and inspiring to help you navigate through every day life. The teaching is based on scripture and is designed to give you a biblical foundation in Christian living.
  9. What’s available for my teens?
  10. Cornerstone has a strong and active youth ministry.  Intercept Youth is led by Cheryl and Jon Doucette and their team.  They meet Tuesday nights at 7:00 and are involved in a variety of activities in our church.
  1. What should I wear?
  2. Concerned about what to wear? Don’t be. Wear what you want (just wear something!). Honestly, clothes don’t bring us closer to God so please, be yourself. (Liberating, isn’t it?!)
 Cornerstone: A church in Truro passionate about touching lives with the love of Jesus.