Teenagers are unique people…

The moral and ethical formation of young people is so important. We believe good citizens are formed and built not born.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that teenagers are unique people. They possess qualities that adults no longer have and children are yet to have. They need unique attention and care. Our youth program happens each Tuesday night from 7:00-8:30 with many special events happening throughout the year such as summer camp, ski weekends and times to focus on spiritual growth and understanding. Whatever role we can play in that is a joy. It really does take a community to raise a child.

the doucettes

Jon and Cheryl Doucette are our Youth Directors. They have faithfully served our youth and our community for many years. Their love for and ability to work with teenagers is evident. Jon works at Peter Kohler Windows & Entrance Systems and Cheryl works at Colchester Regional Hospital. Intercept Youth happens each Tuesday night at 7:00. Your teenager will find friendships, good guidance, and solid teaching as to God’s plan for their life.